Tiago de Conto

Developer and Programmer


Professional experience 

2019 – Software library: TreeLS – R package for high performance point cloud processing of forest data.

2018-2019: Mobile app: Bem-Te-Vi – cross platform mobile app for easy access of multi source GIS databases of forests and natural resources information in Brazil

2017-2018: Research assisant on quantifying forest biomass with new 3D technologies at Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz – ESALQ-USP

2017: Mobile app: Rural Legal – cross platform mobile app for agro/forestry planning

2016-today: Data analyst and software developer at ForLiDAR Consultoria Agroflorestal ltda


MSc. In Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (Erasmus Mundus’  SUFONAMA programme) –  2014-2016

 Undergraduation in Forest Engineering (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRRJ) – 2008-2013

 Scholarships and prizes

 2018-2019: Technical training fellowship from the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fundação de Apoio à Pesquisa de São Paulo – FAPESP)

2018: First place at Gerdau Forest Challenge

2016: Second place at the second edition of the Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Award, with the project ”3D reconstruction of individual trees”

2014-2016: Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the MSc. on Sustainable Forest and Nature Management programme (SUFONAMA)


Languages: English (fluent)

Programming languages and frameworks: R, Python, C++, JavaScript / TypeScript (Angular, Ionic), SQL (MSSQL Server, POSTGRE), Shell/Bash Scripting, ROS, Geoserver

Other relevant expertise: statistics, machine learning, data analysis, point cloud processing, remote sensing, GIS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), full stack web development

Relevant publications

 CONTO, T.; OLOFSSON, K.; GÖRGENS, E.B.; RODRIGUEZ, L.C.E.; ALMEIDA, G. Performance of stem denoising and stem modelling algorithms on single tree point clouds from terrestrial laser scanning. COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS IN AGRICULTURE, v. 143, p. 165-176, 2017.

 CONTO, T.; GÖRGENS, E.B. ; SILVA, A.G; LARANJA, D.C.F.; RODRIGUEZ, L.C.E. Canopy vertical profile characterization of a stretch of Atlantic Forest using airborne laser scanning. Scientia Forestalis (IPEF), v. 43, p. 873-884, 2015.